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Michigan District Couple of the Year 2017

Tim & Pam Hanson

     Pam and I are so very honored to have been selected the 2017 District Couple of the Year. As most of you know, this is our second time being selected as the District Couple of the year. The first time was back in 2010. And what a trip it has been since then. We had been active for only a couple of years in the association. We hadnít held a lot of positions in the two chapters we had been involved with. And didnít know what to expect when we were selected as Chapter W2ís first ever Couple of the Year. I credit being the Chapter and District couple of the year back then, to helping bring Pam out of her shell. She wasnít very talkative back then and didnít care to meet new people. Since then, we have been a chapter MEC, a chapter ACD and twice a Chapter Director. And volunteered at many other numerous events.

     Pam and I have been together for over 30 years. We met at of all places, a bowling alley in Westland. I was bowling in 4 leagues at the time and Pam was bowling in two. We just happen to meet one night and itís been a wonderful journey since then. We are both big sports fans. Pam got me interested in NASCAR and drag racing and I got her interested in baseball and football. We have been Lions season ticket holders for 20 years. We also both love to travel. Our plans were always to get a big RV and go see the country. But since we bought the Goldwing, there is no better way to travel.

     When we first got together, I owned a Suzuki 350. Pam said there was no way she was going to get on that with me. To tell the truth, I donít think she could have. There was barely enough room for me. So, I got rid of it, and we concentrated on working on my 1971 Monte Carlo. After a few years of working on it and driving it around, it just sat in the garage. I wanted to start riding again, so I started looking at Goldwingís on line. Pam said that if I wanted a new toy, I had to get rid of the old one. So I did and used the money from that for the down payment on the 2003 Goldwing that we now own. We are hoping to get it triked sometime this spring.

     In 2010, we set a goal of going to Chapters we hadnít been to before. This time, we are going to try to make it to the ones we still havenít made it to. We are so proud to be able to represent not only our Chapter, Chapter C in Monroe, but also the great members of the state of Michigan. We are also setting the goal of making many more new friends this year.

Thank You,

Tim & Pam Hanson

2017 Michigan District Couple of the Year

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The most visible part at all levels of GWRRA is the "Couple of the Year Program". Beginning at the Chapter level, this is a method of honoring couples for their commitment to the ideals of the GWRRA. After serving as their Chapter Couple they can attend their District's selection process. Later the District Couples may attend their Region's selection process and eventually the Region Couples can move on to the International Couple of the Year selection process at Wing Ding. We encourage all the Chapters to honor your fellow Couples and participate in the "Couple of the Year Program". If you have any questions please feel free to email or call.


The following link will take you to the GWRRA Membership Enhancement Program's Page for Couple of the year where you can find the most up to date information about the Couple of the Year Program as well as the Program Manual, Score Sheet and the most current resume.



For more information contact: Chapter Couple of the Year Coordinator: Carol Williams at 517-262-6314