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Michigan District Individual of the Year 2017

Louie Schippers

     I am honored to be the FIRST District I.O.Y. (Individual of the Year) for the great State of Michigan.  This is a first for Michigan & Region D and I hope this moves on to be as great a program as the C.O.Y. (Couple of the Year) program.
     My venture started when a good friend (Mike Boulton Asst State Director) was a member of Chapter J and riding a Goldwing, and I was riding a 1983 R100 BMW.  We took one ride on a 1988 1500 Goldwing (left over, just out of the crate) and Mary Dodge asked me how much I could get for the BMW, she was sold.  She took a trip to her family in Ark, and I called her and said:  “Guess what is home in the garage.”
     We joined in 1989 and in 1992 Mary Dodge and I were honored to be the second C.O.Y. of GWRRA Chapter J of Jackson, MI.  At that time it was a new program and we did not compete at the State level. Then I was also honored to be the I.O.Y. in 2007 for Chapter J before this new program started, also I was Recruiter of the Year in 2007 & again in 2008 for the State of Michigan.  Now there are around 67 members I have recruited.
     I am a 28 year “Life time Member” of GWRRA Chapter J.  I have served on the staff/team in most all of the positions except being CD or Asst CD.  I chose to support our leaders as I have told them I might not agree with everything they do, but I will be there to work my tail off for them. My current position is “Raffle Ticket Coordinator” and have been for 15 years, and proud to say that the hard working Chapter J has not been lower than 3rd place in sales in the State of Michigan.
     I started riding motorcycles back in 1967 with a 305cc Yamaha 2-stroke, and a 1966 250cc Yamaha “Big Bear Scrambler”, 350cc Bulltaco , XT 550 Yamaha , then started touring on a 1978 750 Yamaha Special, which I installed a Vetter Fairing with a 23 CH CB and a 8-track player for music, then I traded it for a 1983 R100 BMW, and started pulling a trailer. THEN my first 1988 Goldwing 1500, which I put 114,000 miles on it and now I am riding a 2004 Black Cherry 1800 Goldwing.  I am at 250,000 + miles and with the help of a good friend, Randy Lea, who rode with me to finish up my 48 states, Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Florida being my last state.  Everyone has asked me about Alaska and Hawaii.  I tell them I am waiting for the bridge to be built to Hawaii.  LOL
     The big thing I LOVE about GWRRA is that you do not have to fake it, you can do as little or as much as you want to, just be yourself and have FUN and if honored to be and I.O.Y. or C.O.Y. GO FOR IT.  You were chosen for being YOU. Go up to Michigan District Wingless Weekend and participate, it is a BALL.

Your 2017 Michigan District I.O.Y. (Individual of the Year)

Louie Schippers


Since Louie published this article in the March 2017 district newsletter he was honored again at the combined Michigan / Region D Rally when he was named Region D Individual of the Year!







For more information contact: Chapter Individual of the Year Coordinator: Carol Williams at 517-262-6314