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Michigan Wing News was discontinued in 2012 and replaced with District Newsletters

Valerie Jones

Michigan Wing News Editor

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The 2011 MI Wing News is now on line... 4-11-2011
MI Wing News History:

Have you ever  wondered where and when Michigan Wing News got its start? The MI Wing News was born in 1989 under the direction of State Directors Larry and Evelyn Terryn, during a conversation with Bob & Joan Simmons (State Staff). Bob and Joan brought up the idea of having a newspaper for the members of MI to let them know what was going on within all the chapters and thought this would be a great communication tool.  Each Chapter would write an article about their chapter so that the rest of MI could get a good idea what was going on in different areas of the state. It was to include advertisers, so that the paper would be self sufficient. Thus the MI Wing News was born. This would be a publication done twice a year, once in the Spring, and once in the Fall. There would also be a classified section in the paper, along with a listing of all the Chapters and all the criteria you would need to find those chapters. This would be called Chapter Corner as it is today.

The very first editors of the MI Wing News were Norm and Val Smith. They were editors from the offset until November of 1992 under the direction of State Directors Larry and Evelyn Terryn.

May of 1993 Bob and Joan Simmons took over the reins until November 1994, under the leadership of State Directors Lorne   and Carol Haase.

May of 1995 Marty and Joanne Buckolz took over under the leadership of State Directors Ron and Dianna Miller. Larry and Evelyn Terryn took over in May of 1996, in which they continued until August of 1998.

August of 1998 Mike and Marilyn Holsbeke took over as editors until 2003; under the direction of District Directors Ian and Audrey Holmes. In the spring of 2001 Audrey Holmes asked Mike and Lori Stiger to join the staff.  Mike Stiger had vast computer knowledge and in 2001 Mike produced the first computer generated MI Wing News, but continued to have it   published by a commercial printing company. The hope was to make the publishing of the MI Wing News a bit easier.   Mike and Marilyn Holsbeke stayed on to assist Mike and Lori in the dealing with the advertisers. 

Fall of 2003 Wanda and Ted Shimek became the new MI Wing News Editors until 2008; under the direction of Senior District Directors Chris and Sally Bobek.

October of 2008 Valerie and Ron Jones became the MI Wing News Editors until October 2009; under the direction of  District Directors Tom and Shelly Rushman.

October of 2009 Roland and Jennifer became the editors under the direction of  District Directors Brad and Connie Garner.

August 2010 Valerie & Ron Jones took over the reins under the direction of District Directors Bill and Vicky Young.

In early 2009 it was decided that the Michigan Wing News will be published once a year in the spring at the start of the riding season. The paper will be mailed to each GWRRA household in Michigan and we will have a limited number available for the Chapters at the Spring Officer’s Meeting.

In 2012 the District Team started publishing a web based Quarterly newsletter to keep the members informed and up to date. The newsletter is edited by Rowena McAfee with articles submitted by District Staff as well as Michigan Chapter Submissions.
The deadline for submission is the 15th of the month before the 1st day of each quarter. Please submit your chapter article to
Rowena McAfee via email.

We would like articles from the Chapters highlighting any special events planned during the upcoming riding season and other FUN stuff your Chapter has planned. We also welcome any articles submitted from individual members about special rides, memorable events or whatever else you would like to share with everyone. Remember that this is YOUR newsletter!  We need you to support it! Currently we are not accepting advertisements since there is no printing costs involved.

A special Thank you goes out to Mike & Marilyn Holsbeke, Senior Chapter Educators, Chapter F for providing the history of the MI Wing News. Thank you!

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