"Gold Wing Road Riders


Downriver Wings - Chapter H-2

Taylor, MI

 Michigan District ~ Region D

"Friends For Fun, Safety and Knowledge"



H2 Staff


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Downriver Wings History  

Chapter Charter Date:  January 20, 1991

Chapter Directors & Assistants

Ian & Audrey Holmes                          1/91-6/92

            Joe & Connie Martin               1/91-6/92

 Joe & Connie Martin                           6/92—2/93

            Willie & Sharon Gniposky       7/92—2/93

 Willie & Sharon Gniposky                   3/93—12/94

            Bill & Vicky Young                   3/93-12/94

 Bill & Vicky Young                               1/95—7/98

            Dan & Lisa Smith                    1/95—10/96

            Jerry & Ellen Price                   3/95—12/97

            Tom & Shelly Rushman           10/96-7/98

 Tom & Shelly Rushman                       8/98—7/01

            Les & Sue Dionne                    2/99

            Doug & Tammie Davis

Doug & Tammie Davis                                    8/01—7/02

 Tom & Shelly Rushman                       8/02—1/03

            Wolf & Red Colton

 Wolf & Red Colton                              2/03—

            Ian & Marie Holmes

 Ian & Marie Holmes

            Jim & Ellen Farr

Jim & Ellen Farr                                               2/09

            Mike & Kellie Alton


Angel & Debbie Cancel                       4/09—8/10

            Ken & Cyndie Wiggle

 Millie Yancy                                        9/10—10-2011

Clay Swanson                                   10/25/2011 = present


Couples of the Year

1992    Ed & Doris Schultz                   Organizers of the annual Penrickton sidecar rides

1993    Bill & Vicky Young

1994    Dan & Lisa Smith

1995    Jerry & Ellen Price

1996    Les & Sue Dionne

1997    Tom & Shelly Rushman

1998    Les & Sue Dionne

1999    Al Friske & Kathy Morrison

2000    Chris Colton & Red Mileskiy

2001    Dan & Carol McCuen 

2002    Larry & Doris Avery

2003    Joe & Sue Matte

2004    Ron & Judy McKelvey

2005    Roger & Loretta Anderson


2007    Vince & Sarah Zabowski

2008    Mike & Kelly Alton

2009    none

2010    none

2011    none


Chapter H2 began as a “spin off” from Chapter B--Dearborn.  Our Charter members chose the name of “Downriver Wings and the chapter grew rapidly with many active participants.  Ian Holmes was the first Area Rep.  In June of 1992, Ian and Audrey were appointed to the Michigan State Staff as PR Coordinators only to move up and become Michigan District Directors for 5 years

 Penrickton Center for the Blind and Multiple Handicapped Children was adopted as the chapter charity and remains so to this day.  Every year sidecar rides are given to the children with monetary support, collection of paper goods and canned food.

 On June 14, 1992, our chapter attended two separate events.  Part of our group went to Chapter P’s (Berkley)  pig roast/camp out, while the others attended a Blue Knights Poker Run in Windsor, Ontario.  We took “Largest Chapter” at both events in two countries on the same day!

 Unofficially, Chapter H2 has a sister chapter “H2 South.”  It seems our members keep retiring and heading down south for warmer weather and longer riding seasons.  Members include, Joe & Connie Martin; Willie & Sharon Gniposky; Duke & Sherry LeDuc; Dan Thorington; and Jerry and Ellen Price.