Michigan Chapter J2, Clare

"Gold Wing Road Riders Association"

"Friends for Fun, Safety and Knowledge"


The J2 Team

Chapter Directors

Phil & Char Smock

Phone: Phill: 989-737-6533

Char: 989-737-6539

Email: pcsford@yahoo.com

Assistant Chapter Directors

Clark & Sandy Wentz

Email: cewskw@gmail.com

Chapter Rider Educators

Glen Grasley

Phone: 989-965-4565

Sunshine Person

Mary Leeth

Phone: 231-920-2396

Email: teacher2396@yahoo.com


Deb Grasley

Phone: 989-965-4565

Email: gwgrasley@gmail.com

Newsletter Editor

Sandra & Clark Wentz

Phone: 989-435-4753

Email: cewskw@gmail.com

Ticket Sales

Phil Smock

Phone: 989-737-6533


Membership Enhancement Coordinator

Bob Duquette

Email: duquette53@gmail.com